Promoting disaster preparedness and resilience

by co-developing stakeholder support tools for managing

the systemic risk of compounding disasters

The devastating Turkish earthquakes of 6 February 2023 were a clear illustration of the complex direct and indirect cross-border impacts caused by compounding events. The PARATUS project aims at increasing the preparedness of first and second responders in the face of multi-hazard events and reducing the risks related to impacts on various sectors that result from complex disasters. The main outcome is to develop a cloud-based Online Service Platform that offers support in reducing dynamic risk scenarios and systemic vulnerability caused by multi-hazard disasters.

The project will perform in-depth assessments of complex hazard interactions and their resulting impacts and study how future scenarios could change impacts. These scenarios of multi-hazard impacts will be co-designed with stakeholders and developed in four case study areas (including the Caribbean, Romania, Istanbul, and Alpine areas).



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