Risk assessment and reduction

User-centred risk assessment and mitigation service

This objective is addressed by Work Package 4, led by University of Twente, and runs from March 2023 to September 2026.

The objective is to co-develop a web-based simulation and information service for first and second responders and other stakeholders to evaluate the impact chains of multi-hazard events with particular emphasis on cross-border and cascading impacts. The subgoals are to design multi-hazard impact chains and define the quantifiable components, model population with hazard/exposure/vulnerability data tailored to the specific user, co-develop future scenarios based on changes in causes, and co-develop planning alternatives and selection of optimal risk reduction options.

The work package is divided in the following tasks:


User-centred methodology and tool
for systemic risk assessment, designed together with the stakeholders and addressing SSH aspects (including gender and disadvantaged groups)