Case Study 2: ALPS

Application Case Study: ALPS

The changing climate affects natural processes in many ways and leads to an associated increase in natural hazards. The Alpine Application Case Study will focus on the impact of the interruption of cross-border transportation by extreme and compounding events in a mountainous environment.

Case study coordinator: 

University of Vienna

Hazards: extreme wind, floods, rockfall, heat, drought, mudflow, landslides and snow avalanches.  

Hazard forensic and co-development of scenarios is carried out by ASFiNAG, responsible for the national operational management of motorways and expressways in Austria, together with its Italian counterpart and with several other partners. Regional economic impact will be projected for various scenarios related to the interruption of cross-border transportation due to compounding events. Also, another focus will be on local communities, focusing on a wider range of natural hazards, including drought, windstorms, and flash floods. A variety of stakeholders from different sectors will be involved, such as Geosphere Austria (former Geological Survey and Meteorological Service), and WLV (torrent and avalanche control).