Case Study 1: CARIBBEAN

Application Case Study: CARIBBEAN ISLANDS

Climate change has already turned into crises in island states. This case study will focus on Caribbean islands that are part of Europe, especially the Dutch islands of Bonaire, St. Eustatius, St. Vincent, and Saba, but will also consider the Caribbean in a wider context, considering cross-border issues.

Case study coordinator: 

KNMI & Netherlands Red Cross

Hazards: tropical storms (with their associated hazards such as extreme wind and rainfall, leading to windfall, storm surge, flash floods, debris flows and landslides), earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic activity (and associated hazards, such as ash cloud dispersal). 

The Caribbean case study will focus on the development of a multi-hazard early warning dashboard which will link to exposure and vulnerability modelling in order to derive impact-based forecasting and direct humanitarian response planning by the Netherlands Red Cross (as a key stakeholder) and its Caribbean branches. Another sector that will be considered is the telecommunication sector, as it may be impacted by tropical storms, and the resulting impact on emergency response, and economic sectors such as tourism.