Weronika Adamczak, Centre for Systems Solutions

 Center for Systems Solutions was nominated for the Polish Smart Development Award 2023 in the category “Project of the Future” with the PARATUS Project.

The annual Polish Intelligent Development Award recognizes individuals and organizations that implement innovative projects for a better future. In previous years, this award was given to, among others, the Polish Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology – Jadwiga Emilewicz, or the Rector of Wrocław University of Technology – Prof. Arkadiusz Wójs, PhD.

This year, we found ourselves being among the nominees. The PARATUS project in which we are responsible for providing stakeholder engagement tools, was nominated in the “Project of the Future” category.

We have been working with international institutions for close to 20 years on projects that play a significant role in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. Using innovative tools such as social simulations and educational games, the Centre supports people and international organizations in understanding complex problems and jointly developing creative and inclusive solutions.

What is the PARATUS Project about?

Centre for Systems Solutions is one of more than 20 partners in the European research project funded by Horizon Europe. The PARATUS stands for “Promoting disaster preparedness and resilience by co-developing stakeholder support tools for managing the systemic risk of compounding disasters”.

The PARATUS project is designed to help prepare local and international institutions to deal with multiple simultaneous hazards, and to reduce risks to various sectors in the event of disasters.

Within the project scope we are responsible for creating a social simulation and an educational game to help better capture the social aspect of decision-making and related uncertainties.

There is a big need for simulations that not only take into account this small part of the system that concerns disasters. But also enable users to look a bit wider at the whole system and the complexity of various elements that affect how this risk management reduction planning goes. And how it can be implemented taking into account for example budgetary, political and cultural implications.

– Michalina Kułakowska, PARATUS Project Lead at the Centre for Systems Solutions speaking at the Lunch Webinar Series


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