Promoting disaster preparedness and resilience by 

co-developing stakeholder support tools for managing 

the systemic risk of compounding disasters


PARATUS is a Horizon Europe-funded project that aims at increasing the preparedness of first and second responders in the face of multi-hazard events and to reduce the risks related to impacts on various sectors that result from complex disasters.

The outcome is to develop a cloud-based Online Service Platform that offers support in reducing dynamic risk scenarios and systemic vulnerability caused by multi-hazard disasters.

How we do it

In order to achieve these objectives, the project will perform in-depth assessments of complex interactions between hazards and their resulting impacts in various sectors, as well as analyse the current risk situation and study how alternative future scenarios could change multi-hazard impact chains.

Based on this analysis, scenarios of multi-hazard impacts will be co-designed with stakeholders and developed in four case study areas (including the Caribbean, Romania, Istanbul, and Alpine areas).