Seda Kundak, Istanbul Technical University

The 7th International and 25th National Public Health Congress was held on December 14-17, 2023 in Antalya. The main theme of the congress was “Public Health on the 100th Anniversary of the Republic: From the Past into the Future”.


Prof. Dr. Seda Kundak (Istanbul Technical University) was invited to present the PARATUS Project as the case study coordinator of Istanbul. The focus of the panel was “Disaster Resilient Cities and Disaster Preparedness of Local Governments in the Centennial of the Republic”. The first panellist, Bülent Tanık (Former President of the Union of Chambers of Architects and Engineers of Türkiye (TMMOB) and World Academy of Local Government and Democracy (WALD)) gave his speech on the Organization and Planning to Keep the City Alive.

Ihsan Çakar (Head of the Department of Zoning and Urbanization of Hatay Metropolitan Municipality) presented Pre-disaster Planning and Post-disaster City Building in Hatay. Prof. Dr. Seda Kundak, after a brief introduction on the PARATUS Project, presented a scenario-based approach which had been co-developed with stakeholders in the workshop held on June 1st, 2023.