Seda Kundak, Istanbul Technical University

The study titled Comparative Impact Chain Analysis of the 1999 Kocaeli and 2023 Kahramanmaraş Earthquakes authored by Çağlar Göksu, Seda Kundak, Kerem Yavuz Arslanlı, Ahmet Atıl Aşıcı, Duygu Kalkanlı, and Ali Yılmaz, delves into evaluating the efficacy of risk and disaster management systems by examining two seismic events which occurred in Turkiye.

The impact chain analysis was deployed using the cascading impacts that occurred due to the failures in the urban system. The findings elucidate the interconnected causal relationships linking hazards, risk outcomes, and varying levels of exposure and vulnerability in affected regions. Moreover, the paper addresses Resilience in Crisis within response frameworks, as contextualized within the special issue of the Journal of Design for Resilience in Architecture and Planning, overseen by Prof. Seda Kundak as dossier editor.